Apple is planning to release an updated version of the iPad 2 Plus

The device will be called the iPad 2 Plus, says BGR, with reference to the statement of FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger.

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barkingspace3471d ago

Surprised it's not going to be called something else.

smt303471d ago

This made it to the front page but my live stream of konami's TGS show didn't? This should have been reported for techspy.

But my article is going to be reported because the live show ended hours ago. I love to hate n4g

fluffydelusions3471d ago

Wow, iPad 2 just released in March and they are releasing a new version before the end of the year.

Burning_Finger3471d ago

Man, Apple is worst than Activision.

zerocrossing3471d ago

They should replace the word "worst" with "Apple" only I'd feel bad for the fruit.

Flashwave_UK3471d ago

lol whats the point in buying an apple product

fluffydelusions3471d ago

It gives them something to do while they sit in starbucks wearing their black turtlenecks.

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