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There are numerous FPS games released each year that it’s hard for some of them to stand out in the overcrowded market. Thankfully, Insomniac Games has managed to make Resistance 3 a fun and innovative experience. The addition of unique weapons, cool looking enemies and split-screen multiplayer is a major plus for me. The feature to reintroduce the health bar system is also a refreshing experience that sets Resistance 3 apart from many other games. The multiplayer mode is also heaps of fun to play and will add hours of more entertainment beyond the single player mode. Although it’s only September, Resistance 3 is sure to be a contender for “Game of the Year”.

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smashcrashbash4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

So far a 9 from IGN, a 4.5 out of 5 from these guys, two nines and two eights from Famistu, two 7s, an 8.7 from CVG and way above average scores from personal blogs and videos. Sounds good so far And not to mention two foreign sites already slipped out 2 9s even before the embargo was lifted

dark-hollow4470d ago

Resistance 3 is a no brained for me but I would love to hear gamespots opinion.
They always take their time reviewing their games instead of rushing it to be among the first and get a few hits.

majiebeast4470d ago

EurogamerSe review is unproffesional like its been written by a amateur blogger.

jdfoster4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

I don't understand how IGN only negative of R3 was that it was 'bleak' .... Insomniac wanted it to be bleak... it's meant to be bleak... That's what R3 is all about... NO hope left... humans have already lost the war etc

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Bobets4470d ago

ohh no!!!! another 9/10 ziro aint gonna be happy about this.

ivanjp18824470d ago

anyone know how long the single player campaing is?

smashcrashbash4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Not to sure. It seems to vary from review to review. Some say 10 hours, I heard 8-9 hours and 7-8 hours. Somebody here said he beat it in 6 hours but I think he was lying by the way he wrote it. Probably on easy or something. @ sigmon91. Awesome. looks like the game will be way above average, a 9 or a solid 8.5 at least. Hey we got a 9 from Playstation Lifestyle. That makes seven 9s so far.

MasterCornholio4470d ago

thks looks like a pretty solid title and it seems much better than the last one.

But i will never get used to the brown look though LOL

majiebeast4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

First part fo the game its mostly the brown colour scheme later on it changes its like to set the tone of the game.


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Eonjay521d ago

Resistance 3 is such a great game. One of my all time bests.

cooperdnizzle521d ago

Couldn’t agree more. Still love It as a shooter to this day.

Just something about that game. I really wish they would just do a remaster, don’t even need a remake just bring it up to todays out put, touch up a few things if any, and I am there to buy it day one.

Of course I would love a remake built from the ground up. As long as they treated it like Shadow of the Colossus, or close to those type of remake. Wouldn’t want it to get the RE treatment…. Just because the game is already paced so perfect and hits all the right beats that I wouldn’t touch that aspect.


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Knushwood Butt579d ago

My take:

Single player
3, 2, 1

3, 1, 2

3, 2, 1

I beat the lengthy single player in 1 multiple times and spent hours in the online too. Plus 1 featured my home town! Special mention to the audio design in 1: playing that with surround headphones blew me away.

Note: I have the platinum for Resistance 2.

Eidolon577d ago

Resistance 1 MP will always be my favorite. Call it nostalgia or whatever, but that was my jam, felt more balance, natural.

Miraak82 577d ago

i have the platinium too , 10k kills in online ranked matches was no joke . Took me 3-4 months straight grinding but it was fun . To put it in perspective you only got like 25 kills per match if you were 1st place every match that's at Least 400 matches in 1st

Sciurus_vulgaris579d ago

I only played the 3 main Resistance titles. My ranking would be;
1. Resistance 3
2. Resistance: Fall of Man
3. Resistance 2

GoodGuy09579d ago

Man I loved 3's campaign. Another gem stuck on the ps3 and who knows if insomniac will go back to the franchise.

fr0sty578d ago

Resistance, Warhawk, MAG, Motorstorm, there's so many first party gems on PS3 that Sony has just left to die...

P_Bomb578d ago

Never played Burning Skies but I still have Retribution.

monkey602578d ago

Burning Skies was about 3 hours long and rather inconsequential. You haven't missed anything

porkChop578d ago

Honestly, Burning Skies was shit. There's no two ways about it. At first I thought it looked terrible, then I second guessed myself. Big mistake.

darthv72577d ago

Retribution has this really cool feature where you could use a PS3 to link a controller to it and play. So if you had a 2000 or 3000 hooked to a tv, you can use a real controller. All of this predates the PSP Go's ability to sync a sixaxis to it via bluetooth.

Yui_Suzumiya578d ago

Resistance 3 was shocking and brilliant. Loved it.