Media Molecule Working On PS4 Title - PSM3 Sep 2011


''According to the September 2011 edition of PSM3, Media Molecule is supposedly hard at work developing a brand-new, user-generated title slated for a release on the PS4. Sony's fabled successor to the highly successful PS3 console has recently been the subject of endless mounds of speculation regarding it's technical specifications and release date, with reports pointing toward a high-profile debut at E3 2012.''

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fluffydelusions4673d ago (Edited 4673d ago )

Er pretty sure this is false info. So PSM3 is going to say their is a PS4 ahead of Sony?

SilleGamer4673d ago

Yeah the Insider section is speculating big time.

Maybe they know something we don't!

Abash4673d ago

Well this would explain the "break" they're taking from LBP

jeseth4673d ago

I'm excited just at the thought of it! It would be great if they had a launch title for PS4.

PS4 needs a strong launch library . . .. LBP, MOtorstorm, Uncharted, Ratchet, etc....

Can't wait!

Tommykrem4673d ago

Just because they've started working on a PS4 title doesn't mean they have the tools to actually start programming the game itself. You can design environments, work out ideas for the game and figure out what it's going to be. If PS4 were to release in 2013 or even in 2014 it's highly possible that early birds will be thinking out what to make for the new console.

SilleGamer4673d ago

Great point Tommykrem,

Media Molecule may be laying the ground work for a PS4 title.

I expect a lot more of these rumors to surface in the coming months. :)

Exciting times!

JsonHenry4673d ago (Edited 4673d ago )

^^ Yep. But lets face it- Nintendo and MS are gonna force Sony to come to market sooner rather than later. And seeing as how a lot of EA/Activision devs all have alpha hardware specs/machines to work with for the next MS console and Wii-U already officially announced that time frame is looking like the next 18 months.

dragonyght4673d ago

it also make sense if they are working on a launch title to start development by now i mean by average is 2-3 years or 5 years if they also working on a new engine

dgonza404673d ago


sounds a bit homosexual lol

maybe it might get some xbox fans on board then xD


smashcrashbash4673d ago

Or Sony is going to announce the PS4 at TGS (I wish). But look at all they accomplished with LBP on the PS3. I can't even fathom what they might be able to do with next gen tech.

SilleGamer4673d ago

When you think how much the extremely talented internal studios at Sony have squeezed out of the PS3, imagine the possibilities if they are left to play with huge increases in power!

If Uncharted 3 looks this good on PS3, then imagine a sequel on PS4!

DanSolo4673d ago

Well of course some sort of work will be being done on the PS4 release titles, but that does not mean there will be anything playable or even watchable any time soon.... it just means they are starting to put the ideas together!

Launch games matter to early adopters of a console, so of course they will have things start moving early!

MrDead4673d ago

They would want some big budget wow factor games for the relese so yeah I would expect them to be starting to make them now if they haven't already, takes 2-3 years from start to release.

DanSolo4673d ago

Yeah exactly mate, although title grow progressively better as devs get used to programming for the system.... they still need a few good showcase games to start off!

jdfoster4673d ago

I'm pretty sure their hasn't been an LBP 3 yet... :p

xX-StolenSoul-Xx4673d ago

lol buddy that was a typo but yeah of course lol.