Yoshiro Ono Hints At New ‘System’ At TGS

TGH Writes: With all the buzz circulating the internet as to when Sony and Microsoft will announce a new console. It seems that Yoshiro Ono may have a project of his own.

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ShadyDevil4668d ago

This is quite a development. I don't know if any of the big three would announce something of that magnitude at TGS though.

dark-hollow4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Don't hold your breath anyway.
Or if, and that's a big IF one of the big three will announce a new hardware, then the closest candidate is a ps4 reveal which is highly unlikely this early,
But who knows.....

tarbis4668d ago

I think it's a new game engine for their new title.

zackacloud4668d ago

I will cut my hand if sony or micro annouce their next console

ScubaSteve14668d ago

either its ps vita or something else

SweatyFlorida4668d ago

That's what I was thinking. Maybe even WiiU?

I'd be really surprised if some other console entered the ring with the big 3. So it has to be the aforementioned systems or perhaps some new kinda tech to play games on (not a console, but something like motion control or VR) Who knows -_-

ShadyDevil4667d ago

he already announced SXTekken for PS Vita.

Ramas4667d ago

ps4 2015 100% xbox however will try to beat PS3 and most likely be released in 2014.

BlmThug4667d ago

Xbox 720 2013-2014

PS4 2013-2014


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phoenixwing3d ago

To be honest I'd rather know stuff is in the works but other ppl throw fits over it so it's whatever

porkChop2d ago

I'd rather they announce a game when it's like 3 months away. Quick little advertising campaign, round of interviews, gameplay deep dive, and a launch trailer. That's all you need. Cheaper marketing rather than wasting resources trying to maintain hype over like 4 years.

SimpleDad2d ago

Also, it's more likely that people will be hyped up and make an impulse purchase, or a preorder if the release date is announced.

Hotpot2d ago

Not announcing too early also contributes to better work environment. I’m in IT and there’s just too many crunch happened because some higher ups set a hard deadline way too early down the line.

franwex2d ago

Yeah. Fallout 4 announcement was great. Announced during the summer and it came out fall of the same year.

stalnox2d ago

The same thing happened with Witchbrook, its been multiple years and nothing. No updates at all, really. It's nice to know something is coming, but waiting for 5+ years for info isn't really fun

Demetrius2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Ikr I agree tho, in the ps360 era games were shown in trailers and they'd release within a couple months, plus cutscene trailers are so days of the old I don't get hyped off of that, they used to show gameplay footage, screenshots in the game informer magazines they had confidence back then creativity was at a all time high folks weren't copying souls games like that or call of duty, nowadays we get shhi like 2023/2024 trailer with a damn fall 2026 type of release day like really bruh tf by time that come out yall sure ya gone get sales from folks who been waiting that long, that's a huge risk doing that cause people lose interest


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OlderGamer176d ago

All nice and well but i want to see that in real gameplay on a console...and Hellblade 2 dont cut it....