DMC4 site goes live

The official website for DCM4 is now live.

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DJ5867d ago

They even have some photos of the development team doing their thing. Awesome stuff. Two weeks till TGS!

kingboy5867d ago

yea ..TGS coming soon.

PS3 Ultimate5867d ago

One of the best games guarenteed! DMC4 will be a big seller, especially in Next generation! The future is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3!

LiquifiedArt5866d ago

Why do you guys all "Rave" about this game, or other DMC's?? What Genere is it, and what does it offer?

Siesser5866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

Devil May Cry is an action/adventure game. Think Ninja Gaiden or God of War (same genre, not necessarily same style). I still attribute DMC:3 with God of War's poor sales -_-.

Anyways, the reason people get so excited over it is be because the game is fun. That's . . . it, really. The first game came out and presented Dante, who was the first character I can recall thinking was really "cool." The game's always had great graphics for it's time, decent voice acting, and literally some of the best gameplay you'll ever come across. DMC:3 has one of the best fighting systems out there, and is addictive; and the entire time, the focus, more than anything, is on looking cool and stylish while you're playing.

Fans that have played it just really appreciate the series, is all.

Here's a video clip of some gameplay:

you'll have to take my word for it, buy the guy's doing so well NOT because the game's easy (far from it), but because the fighting system allows you to perfect timing and what-not.

Siesser5866d ago

This is one game that'd better not have any tilt-control. That's just an accident waiting to happen.

THE TRUTH5866d ago

If you have to ask a question like that, I have to ask you 1. Where have you been 2. Are you really a gamer? DMC3 was and is easily one of the best games of last generation! It had graphics, story and just off the chain gameplay!! Its really a one of a kind franchise and a huge hit on the PS2

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