Resistance 3 Survivor Edition Unboxing images

The "WE collect games" team opened the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition and created high-res images for you. Check it out...

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WhiteLightning2602d ago

This isn't fair :(

I really wanted this and Gamestation sold out

What bugs me the most is that my friend who works in one of the offices that deals with the order shipments says that most of the pre orders came from America. So much for being a UK/Europe Exclusive.

Apprently if people bug them enough they'll sell more :|

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49erguy2601d ago

Damn I hope the standard edition disc looks like that, I love it.

GamingManiac2601d ago

Nope, only the steelbook disc sry :P

flavorbabies2601d ago

Wow. In the US all we get is a move-sharpshooter bundle. I'd MUCH rather have an exclusive bag, steelbook case, playing cards, diary, and flask... Honestly that is one of coolest special editions I have seen.

BuT_TeR2601d ago

North American players can actually get this edition if you Pre-Order through Steam