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I have high hopes for Insomniac's Resistance 3, but after playing the multiplayer beta, I am changing that to - I had high hopes for Resistance 3.

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Chaostar2602d ago

"After playing a few rounds of the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta, I get the feeling that this game will be a solo campaign game."

Sounds like the entire article and reason for author to dismiss the games entire multiplayer is based on "a few rounds" of a beta.

Terrible article with way too many spelling and grammatical errors to be taken seriously.

CloseSecond2601d ago

I loved R1 and R2 multiplayer, especially the co-op in R2. I simply did not enjoy R3 multiplayer. It felt like COD (of new) meets Halo and was all about rewarding players for running and gunning. However, the visuals were fantastic.

ps3gamergroup2601d ago

Thank you for the input Chaostar. I tried to fix it a bit based on your input. Sorry, I wrote it at midnight after a 7 hour round trip to the beach with family in tow. I was exhausted and the laptop was on my lap, in the dimly lit living room (all were asleep) with PS3 controller in hand.
I did mention this was a beta and I understood what beta's were released for. It just didn't do anything for me. I loved R and R2 and I did see R3 in play recently and the game looked awesome. I just hope the MP portion is improved (there were lots of bugs and problems) in the few short days they have.

Firstkn1ghT2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Don't mind him. Anything bad about a Sony product and it's instant bash mode.

Let's be real here. Resistance's multiplayer has never been one of the big boys. Just another average shooter in a already crowded genre of average shooters.

GOODKyle2601d ago

1 bubble says it all...

jon12342601d ago

i agree , for me r1 is probaly the best resistance game ever, after playing r2, they changed to much for it to be the same... and r3 feels the same to me, all the charcter models look so different, i hate it!

also is it jsut me, or did R2 and the resistance game on the psp play and look similar??

swinesucker2601d ago

Totally agree with everything you said. This game blows. The resolution drop is unforgivable. I cannot even believe fanboys are okay with it. This thing just looks bad imo for a 30fps game. Insomniac needs a serious reinvention of their graphic engine. Besides that, I still thought the game was horseshit. I wouldn't pay 20 bucks for it. 15 at most for the single.

Chaostar2601d ago

Ah, now I feel bad for giving you a hard time about it, not many writers take my (somewhat sharp) criticism well.

I understand it's your opinion but my problem was mainly that, it would seem, you haven't really given the game enough of a chance to be voicing a useful insight.

The downgrade in resolution is true enough though and it's something I'm dissapointed in myself, however I've never seen resistance as a graphical showcase but more like an engaging player experience with fun and innovative weapons. I also did not experience the lag/frame-rate issues you did and have played much more than "a few rounds".

Thanks for revising your work and not taking offense to my blunt tone, none was intended :)

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SoapShoes2601d ago

This is an ACTUAL beta... The reason it suffered so much is because of PSN going down delayed their internal testing, giving them overall less time to work on the mp portion of it. The final version will be much more refined and the beta did help unlike many in which the beta is just a promotional tool.

majdees2601d ago

I couldn't get into a single game during the beta. I have a good connection so it certainly is not the connection. Also I have no issues with other games and betas I downloaded before. It really gave me a bad impression about the game so I decided to think twice before I buy.

MidnytRain2601d ago

But you haven't even tried it yet...

DirtyLary2601d ago

Worthless opinion piece.

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