The Future of Motion Control Gaming

TheParanoidGamer: "Resistance 3 releases in just 3 days and to celebrate the release of the game Youtube User FreddieWong have released a brand new video showcasing the Playstation Move Sharpshooter. In this video he demonstrates on his thoughts of the future of gaming along with some nice chimera action in the mix. Hit the jump to watch the video."

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Bigpappy2692d ago

Nice! But he would probably need the VR head set to put that off.

Godmars2902692d ago

And notice he's using a controller :p

clearelite2692d ago

lol, he most certainly is. Playing Resistance 3 with the Move and Sony's new 3D visor might be kind of like this video. Although of course, you wouldn't be moving around as much.

gustave1542692d ago

freediew should have worn that new Sony 3D vizor though.
now that would be futuristic.