Launch timeframe revealed for Street Fighter Alpha 3 on PSN

Capcom has revealed a their launch timeframe for the digital re-release of Street Fighter Alpha 3 as a PSOne Classic on the North American Playstation Store.

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Dart892691d ago

Oh god yes i been wondering why they haven't put this up one of my favorite SF games.

Yi-Long2691d ago

... just love the character-roster and visual design.

A shame they are releasing the PS1 version and not the Dreamcast version.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Aww it's only the Psone Version, i was hoping more for an online version. This is my fav Street fighter and first one i really got into.

Simon_Brezhnev2691d ago

I know right this my favorite one too. Yet they wont put online in it. Well scamcom will but they will charge it as DLC.

contra1572691d ago

What's up with capcom not bringing street fighter 3 to the psp?

deno2691d ago

because capcom sucks now and streetfighter 3 is already out for psp

contra1572691d ago

Street Fighter 3 is not available .incorrect.

The_Quiet_Man2691d ago

I don't know whether to get this game or not? I hate the idea of Capcom getting a sale from me, especially with their antics this gen - rip off dlc, ruining of old franchise's & multiple versions of the same game crap.

Tried buying SF3 Alpha on ebay, very hard to get a Pal PS1 version, let alone one thats not scratched to pieces (as I found out after paying over €20 for an unplayable copy, bastard seller).

Whats an old SF fan to do, pay up? or pretend it doesn't exist? what to fooking do? I don't like breaking my principles for anything but I've always wanted this game in my collection (have nearly every SF game apart from the new additions & 3rd strike). As I said, what to fooking do? having a stubborn streak & a conscience isn't always a benefit in situations like this.