Gameinformer reviews Uncharted:8.75

There's no ignoring it – this game has a formula and sticks very carefully to it throughout the surprisingly long adventure. That formula is: Tomb Raider + Prince of Persia + Indiana Jones + a ton of guns. For me, that math works out just fine, in large part due to the extremely compelling and excellently paced story that the gameplay is built around. .

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unlimited4923d ago

no this game deserve at least a do sony have to do!! i dont see any game out there that can match uncharted drakes fortune for the seem like reviewers expect the ps3 games to be god to get a high score.. all i can say is fuk this review..uncharted is the hottest game to grace the ps3..

Bill Gates4923d ago

M$ has single handedly ruined the whole scoring system for games with their fuking money. It’s so blatantly obvious that they get their hands on these games, get a bunch of XBOTS to play them and then open their wallets according to their reactions.

I swear this fuking company corrupts EVERYTHING they touch.

It’s like they say “alright, this game’s the shiet, so we know you can’t make it so obvious that we paid you off by giving it scores in the 7’s, but on the other hand there’s the 8’s range which is hmmm “ok”. Yeah that’s it, here’s half a mill, split it amongst yourselves and give the fuking game that our system clearly can’t do an “ok” score.

Worse are the head hanchos of these big gaming sites that for years we would turn to for a little “guidance” on good quality games before spending our hard earned cash, and have now turned their backs to us gamers all to fill up their pockets. Talk about disgrace.

No matter though, this just fuels my anger towards XBOTS, and the company they support….AhAHAHAHAHHA

Panthers4923d ago

Who cares if it is a 8.75 or a 9. Basically the same thing. Both scores are good enough to buy.

That is why every review should be 1-5. These stupid numbers are just for arguing purposes

Like, 7.7 for Xbox and 7.5 for PS3. .2 points doesnt mean $hit. It should be 3.5/5 for both. End of story.

wil4hire4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

I've never seen so many people say such positive things about a game, and then dish out fractions of an 8 just to not give a 9.

I'm not even going to mention any other games.. but Uncharted, as the review says.. Is amazing, innovative, with extended options for replay value.. 8.75..

Why cant a PS3 game just get overwhelming positive reviews from everyone. They list in their review the criteria that other games have had that have reached 9.0. Yet this one falls short.

Yes an 8.75 is a fine score.. but.. what else more does this game have to do to get a f`in 9? lol. Games without MP get 9's all day long.

I know everyone is still going to get this game because its amazing, as IGN/EGM/EuroGamer/Gamespy have said... just lame that people still have to find ways to give the ps3 the short end of the stick.

It still annoys me to this day, PS3 games all have to some how be formulas of games:
"Prince Of persia + Tomb Raider + Blah + Blah". While other console games dont meet such formulaic equation reviews. Its very irritating. I guess its up to the ps3 to bring innovative games to the market, and when it doesn't.. its struck down for it.

skinzfan4923d ago

its like you were reading my mind.

jackfatal4923d ago

i cant say more than wat u did!!
i think either M$ bought them which not impossible for them to ditch 1 million to this site and another to that magazine etc!!

or people expect something new from ps3 site they grew up with ps brand in mind and that it was always the first to bring the next gen!! and this time they felt is equal with 360 so they r disappointed!!

but i think its the first reason because uncharted is untouchable game!!
i bet the same site will give mass effect a higher score!!!

Coke-a-Cola4923d ago

PS3 has to do Quadruple Sow-cows and Walk a tight rope over Nigra Falls.
Then they may Dane to Give it a Chance .
Uncharted is EQUAL or Greater than anything on the market.
and It Deserves the Highest Honors.

OK I am a bit passionate about this game ..... I will have to cool off.

Kuest4923d ago

Yes, it has to be. No other explanation... but wait!

"I don’t think there are enough new ideas here to put it in the genius category"

Oh... so, essentially what the reviewer is saying is that Uncharted is awesome at what it does (excluding various mini-games, such as jet-skiing), its just that the game does not bring anything NEW to the table so to speak. Maybe, that's why the game didn't score that highly...

Nah, I like the conspiracy theory better.

brianodom4923d ago

these mags don't know what the hell they want anymore..uncharted is gears meets tomb raider=FUN

Bonsai12144923d ago

its actually pretty funny how they praise it in every paragraph except for the last one, which they say it lacks variety, and yet they manage to dock off 1.25 points from it... simply amazing.

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badkolo4923d ago

ouch!! notthe AAA we where waiting for but im buying it no matter what, and yeah, so much positive in all the reviews then they give it a 8.5, its short, has framerate and tearing vsync issues but many games have that issue, cod4 is supershort so is halo3 yet they got high scores.

they killed the reviews for assassins creed and uncharted but both are a instant buy but alot of people here expected uncharted to be a AAA title that would sell systems and from the reviews its a great game but not a AAA system seller. wonder what the average is so far.

at this point who cares, great score, buy it or rent it and enjoy, if you own both systems or all 3 then enjoy all the games that interest you and stop hyping up each pending game expecting that one game to save the system, games will come so enjoy them

unlimited4923d ago

there is already some reviews on uncharted that scored 9...but screwed reviews are broken and to many reviewers hating on sony..

Panthers4923d ago

WOW since when do reviewers all have to give a 9 for it to be AAA? This game is probably one of the highest quality games this year. 8.75 means it is a buy and that is all that matters.

MK_Red4923d ago

Nice find. A bit low IMO (9-9.5 is my choice) but I trust GameInformer's judgement for now until I finish the game myself.

ParaDise_LosT4923d ago

I expected atleast a 9....
But Game Informer is my fav source for Scores and I trust them too
same with game trailers and IGN (though they're being picky these days... I don't agree at all with they AC score...)
and to a lesser extent GameRadar I like the sites interface xD thats all...