What's Next For Total War

With seven fully-fledged titles as well as a host of expansions and add-ons, all encompassing almost 2000 years of human history, the Total War series has just about seen it all. With what would appear to be one of the last DLC packs for Shogun 2 on the horizon, the team at Creative Assembly are sure to be racking their brains in search of the next great Total War concept. But what about us, the loyal fan base - can we not have our say to decide what’s next for Total War? I’ve been racking my own brain as a long time fan and digging around the forums and fan pages in search of a clue to the world for the next potential game. From sequels to Civil wars, from Middle Earth to Dino-land, read on to see what I’ve dug up.

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Ranshak3511d ago

Id love to see a total war in a fantasy setting like Warcraft or so. They could make different units like Healers, Spell casters, Melee, Heavy melee, Air, Include heroes in it too like Warcraft 3, would be awesome imo.

RGDfleet3511d ago

That's actually a section of the article! Read it to see...........

Ranshak3511d ago

Would be awesome if they actually went with a fantasy setting man. Take some ques from Warcraft 3. Give the heros alot of micromanagement tools. Also give them customized armor and weapons etc. I think all of that would add alot of depth to the game.

You could have mage heros that can do damage summon elementals etc or maybe heros like the Paladin which could heal other units and provide support or maybe a Warrior hero who can either do alot of damage or act like a damage sponge.

evrfighter3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

ya it would be pretty sweet if they got a hold of Tolkien's Middle Earth license as them getting a hold of the Warcraft license is too far fetched.

Though before that I'd like to see another Rome title. Perhaps some minigames in the coliseum similar to the movie Gladiator where you pit some of your generals against some elite units where tactics win for a chance to earn some major gold and xp if they win.


check out Sins of A Solar Empire if you're interested in that. Imo I don't think CA could top that title with the total war gameplay

Twizlex3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

How about Space: Total War? Not just sci-fi, but spaceships and shit.

sonicsidewinder3511d ago

I'd say World War 1 cus i don't believe there is a 3d rts/real time tactics game in that period. Though i think many would disagree. The way of war changed so much.

Think they may be running out of ideas. lol.

China? Or Korea! I wanna see their Turtle Ships.