Top Five Annoying Trophies

Dualshock Nexus: Have you ever had your eyes on obtaining a platinum trophy only to be greeted with a trophy that makes you want to rip your hair out? Have you broken controllers because of that pesky little bastard? Today I would like to share the list of my personal top five annoying trophies.

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WillGuitarGuy2695d ago

I lol'd at the Play trophy. That Bunker level is a pain in the ass to complete. Nice list.

Treezy5042695d ago

Yeah out of all the games that was the only one I believe made me throw my controller. Gotta love LBP for it's deceiving looks because some of those levels are pretty challenging.

NukaCola2695d ago

The effing PLAY gold trophy is all that keeps me from the platinum, but it's rediculously hard. The Bunker is out of effing control. God I love LBP. Can't wait to get it on Vita.

-Alpha2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I got through the Bunker in one try when I went for the Play trophy.

It's the other level in the ice world that I can't seem to get

I stopped trying because I lost a lot of my save data

Treezy5042695d ago

@Alpha that's sort of what happened with me for the Killzone 2 Elite trophy. I lost my saved data on my 60GB and I didn't want to start all over again. I should have tried beating it the first time but better late than never :)

goldwyncq2694d ago

The Bunker wasn't nearly as hard as the mines or serpent shrine. All you have to do is to keep practicing the wheel of death part til you got it right instead of automatically restarting the level when you die. Makes it a whole lot easier.

subtenko2694d ago

Frikken Killzone 2 Elite mode >_< and Radec....what a B****!.....twice! xD

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ShadyDevil2695d ago

Demon souls as a annoying.

JoGam2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I'm ashamed, I got Demon Souls day one and can't get off the first level. I know I know, I'll go hang myself. I like the game so much I'm still buying Dark Souls.

NovusTerminus2695d ago

The only thing you have to do in Demon's Soul's is play slow, don't charge in, wait for them to come to you. And fight smart, not aggressive.

I have the Platinum to Demon's Souls and also Soul Level 544, The Bladestone was the most annoying thing to do, took me 11 hours of non stop grinding,

Pacman3212695d ago

I know many people that got stuck on the first level, including my brother. I had to complete the first level for him, but after that he got used to it and loved the game. I honestly think the game isn't that hard, but i guess that completely depends on how good the player is.

BiggCMan2695d ago

It's not annoying, it's a fantastic game. It's difficult, which is different than annoying.

Eromu2695d ago

I never understood everyone crying about how hard the Pure Bladestone was to find. I got it with the base luck that Royals start with on my 3rd NG+ without even farming for it, just running through the level normally.

DragonKnight2694d ago

The Base luck actually helped you. Luck, in Demon's Souls, doesn't affect what kind of drop you'll get, it affects the quantity. World Tendency affects the kind of drop you have. In New Game+ and onward, your chances of getting better quality drops slightly increases. If you're in, say, New Game +++ and have Pure Black World Tendency, your chances of getting a Pure Bladestone are much greater than in your first playthrough.

On your first playthrough, I have found the best way to get the Pure Bladestone is to be at Pure Black World Tendency for world 4, start at 4-3 and move backwards through 4-2 and kill every single Dual Katana skeleton you come across up to the one guarding the entrance to the Adjudicator boss. The one in the hidden pathway is usually the one you'll get the Pure Bladestone from. That BP Dual Katana skeleton has less chance of dropping it than the normal DK skeletons in my experience.

Also, some people are just lucky.

helghast1022694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

You just got lucky, the chances of Pure Bladestone dropping are something like 0.1%
But now that I have some I duplicated it and invade worlds, giving random players some stones.
Im a good demon, and then I kill you.

Hicken2693d ago

Bubbles for that last line.

bigtrucknd2694d ago

Easy platinum only took 120 hours to achieve

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XFON2695d ago

I saw the picture and instantly agreed! I just plat'd Demon Souls and that trophy was the last trophy I need.
Took me 5 days to get a pure bladestone!

PhoenixDevil2695d ago

Yh same with me, not quite as long but I must have put a gd 8-10 hours to get the pure bladestone, finally platted in 96 n a half hours :D cnt wait for dark souls

Lord_Sloth2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


Lord_Sloth2695d ago

Pure Black World Tendancy is not a requirement to obtain the Pure Bladestone.

Also, I have 6 of the buggers.

BiggCMan2695d ago

It is HIGHLY recommended though, and you may as well do it since it benefits you a lot. You have 6 though, that's cool. I guarantee you didn't get them within an hour though, it's just not possible.

Treezy5042695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Yeah I was told it was easier with PBW tendency rather than the extremely rare chance you get it from a Dual Katana Skeleton

Ravens202695d ago

I got it within 2 hours from farming the dual katana skeleton through secret passage. With PBWT.

Kee2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Farming this stone put me off demon's souls. I played this game for about a weekend and didn't get it. Plus there's the fact that sometimes it killed me because it is a strong enemy then sometimes it jumped off the cliff and I got nothing from it. But I went back this year and got it. By far my proudest platinum trophy.

@ravens20 yeah that was my method. I started in 4-2 then jumped straight down, avoiding the ghost monsters and went straight to the skeleton and fought it the old fashioned way with a my mirdan hammer. I was so surprised when I did get it.

DragonKnight2694d ago

What I hate the most about farming this stone is not the length and difficulty of the drop, but that the payoff is pitiful. A Sharp Uchigatana+5 is not exactly a powerful weapon, even at high dexterity. May as well just use Hiltless+5 with Curse Weapon. You can get 2 of them on your first playthrough and the payoff is much better.

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