Why You Should Care: Mirror's Edge

Casey White wrote : "Continuing on in the vein of "exercising the demons past" this week I wanted to talk about another older game that caught my attention back-when and I still talk about to this day. This title was a little less controversial, there was no big drama behind it, no tabloid style front-page debacle, just a game that tried to do something a bit different and then quietly faded into the background. For the last couple of years there have been rumors of a sequel floating around the internet, and this week has it all but officially confirmed. So if there's ever been a better time for me to rant a little bit about my love of Mirror's Edge, this is probably it."

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zeal0us2695d ago

thx for reminding about this game, wonder how much is it on ebay right now maybe under $10 :)

meetajhu2694d ago

Artisticly this was truly a next gen game. And gameplay was fun. I want me2!!!

kaveti66162694d ago

I played this game from start to finish and I can't comprehend how anyone can care about it this much.

The story was extremely thin.

The gameplay was simple and shallow.

The campaign was short.

The visuals were nice. The map was linear.

You guys give too much credit to this game.

Quagmire2694d ago

Sorry for wanting something other than generic warfare shooter #354

kaveti66162694d ago

Are you implying that I prefer CoD to this?

Does the entire core of your gaming experience hinge on a mediocre, 6 hour platformer from 2007?

vickers5002694d ago

How was the gameplay simple and shallow?

kaveti66162694d ago

Run and jump, run and slide, run and grab.

Press A button repeatedly.

vickers5002694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Controls are just tools to get you through a game, they aren't what defines how deep or shallow a game is, it's the various ways in which you use them. I could pick apart some of your favorite games the exact same way you did and simplify them down in a similar fashion.

Obviously you have a very simple minded and ignorant view of gaming. Perhaps you should stop gaming all together, because if you see something like Mirror's Edge as shallow, I can't imagine what you must think of a game like Uncharted or Halo.

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rezzah2694d ago

"Why you should care: Because it is my opinion and your's does not matter"

The why you should care part annoys me.

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The story is too old to be commented.