Top Five – Video Game Power Couples

SFL Chronicle: Ah, video game couples! Like Hollywood couples but not quite as useless! Who gives a f**k about Brangelina when there’s Meach and Tuna? This top five is about my favorite couples in video game history; whether because their romances were truly touching or unintentionally funny, they all deserve a spot…

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tiffac0082874d ago

Thank God for funny articles. lol!

zerocrossing2874d ago

Lol agreed, Snotacon... It all makes sense now xD

Pozzle2870d ago

OMG "Snotacon" is the best pairing name ever! :D

zerocrossing2874d ago

Tuna! lol, what a awesome paring. Yuna: Im going on a suicide mission now, Tidus: Cool! Can we hook up afterwards? Yuna: erm, sure why not...

tiffac0082874d ago

And now we know what Mario is really after. lol! XD

zerocrossing2874d ago

Lol! That we do XD

They seriously need to get a better security system for Peach's castle, Timid 2ft tall mushroom men just aren't cutting it, that or tie Peach to her thrown and strap on a ball and chain because that girl is a damn liability O.O

KFox1092874d ago


It could be worse. She could be Slippy Toad.


Ha, ha!

Anyway, I'm glad you guys find my article funny! YAY! :D

knifefight2873d ago

I always assume the main character of every Final Fantasy game is tapping the asses of any female character at any time.

Pozzle2870d ago

Wait...Snake and Otacon aren't canon? Madness!