Confusing game plots made simple

Most stories are easy. 'Kill everyone that isn't you' is as far as most games go.

Occasionally there's a little motivation thrown in, stuff like 'they killed your father/girlfriend/puppy, now make them pay'.

But generally you're not going to find thought-provoking depths to analyze - obviously the auto-shotgun symbolizes the protagonist's growing sense of inadequacy. Every now and then, however, a game comes along with a script that feels like 20 people shouting at you all at once; a mess of sub-plots, timelines and twists that gives you an instant headache.

So consider this your one-stop cheat sheet to the hardest plots out there. All explained for you to understand with the minimum of pain. Oh, and there will be spoilers.

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MrDead2627d ago

People where confused by InFamous? Well I guess if you didn't listen to anything anyone said and closed your eyes during the story clips then I can understand. You had to finish the game to get the complete story but I thought it was a simple classic super hero tale.

MidnytRain2627d ago

I thought the end of inFAMOUS 2 was a bit confusing.


The whole function of the RFI, how it apparently kills conduits and saves normals while curing the plague was kind of head-scratching. Also, I initially didn't gew how the Beast is somehow able to cure the plague by activating conduits, but killing normals - it was a little hard to understand.