Developer Square Enix denies Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ministrel Show Allegations

Square Enix denied the allegations of Time reporter Evan Narcisse that Deus Ex: Human Revolution would portray the black population as inferior.

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Chaostar2602d ago

I'm pretty sure I also seen black people in limb clinics with fancy augmentations.

Theonetheonly2601d ago

Im pretty sure I had a huge fight with rhianna in a water filled server room half way through the game.

and she nearly whoopped my ass.

zackacloud2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Oh instead of respond to Fans of FF and KH they respond to silly brain people (who always think the world it just about black or white people).

Bull5hifT2601d ago

I BeeZ White Here Waitin Fo' You Cap'In..... Im Mexican american , What do they Got on Us? Trash diggin too, speaking broken enlish , knowing how to do iLLeagle things, making dog Tacos on the corner, or Wearing a big ol Sombrero , sleepin Under a Tree.....i never understood that Lazy Stereotype, Every single Mexican i Know Works there a$$ off way harder than any American i seen ' i never took offence to that word Spic either, Maby i should google what it means , i think it more offensive like when italians bite there thumb to spite you , or do that chin rub thing....

Panzerkanzler2601d ago

What? Have a slice of pie peon.

Demented_Sadist2601d ago

What's with the rorshach voice. That guy with the shades, whoever's doing his voice isn't doing a very good impression of Rorschach.

lzim2601d ago

Have to say I got that same impression from the game when I played it. Wasn't impressed.

Wasn't just 'black people' but the whole story was a failed Dystopian Noire. I don't see how people can find that appealing. At least if it was equal parts utopia, a neutral area and dystopian area you could spend in the parts you preferred while visiting the other parts for particular quests.