12 Maps in Resistance 3's Multiplayer Confirmed

As R3 Beta is coming to an end, Insomniac had to thank the players for playing the beta and here is what they had to say.

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Nitrowolf22603d ago

Just 12? That's gonna get old real fast TBH. I really hope we see some free map packs. I would also kill for U.S.S. Lexington Map

GamingManiac2603d ago

12 is ok, since DLCs were confirmed, but yeah! That map would be fucking awesome!!

SCEA_RULES2603d ago

Me too, I hope they add the rfom maps

TheKindRoost2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Meh after playing the beta, the mp can suck a lemon( a very sour one) for all I care. It's so generic in every way possible, it's nothing special. Why in hell did they took out the online co-op?It was the only mp mode in r2 that I played more than 5 minutes a day. Couldn't have they reduced the player count to 4 players and have survival based objectives? I'll stick to campaign for this one.

belal2603d ago

how many are there in cod? just asking? like 8?

GamingManiac2603d ago

Most of the time around 12-14.

belal2603d ago

Ah then it shouldn't be any problem.... most of us are used to getting 12 maps at launch. And it's insomiac, they will probably give us some free map packs too.

GTRrocker2603d ago

12 maps is more than enough. I just hope the DLC maps are actually playable though. I bought one for Resistance 2 and it sucked. No one ever played it and it was very generic. Not up to par with the Killzone 2 DLC maps. I love Resistance campaign more than Killzone 2's though.

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