Gamerzitch: Batman Arkham Asylum for 99 Cents on OnLive

For reaching 45K Facebook fans, OnLive is offering Arkham Asylum for the crazy low price of 99 cents!

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Stealth2k2629d ago

Which helps no one but onlive. The developer certainly doesnt make profit on that

C_Menz2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

You do know that on many deals like this(not exclusive to the gaming industry), the company actually looses money and pays the developer/supplier "X" amount of money for each copy sold?

For example for ever Batman: AA copy sold for $.99 the developer would receive $5 in return from OnLive.

malol2629d ago

99 cents and you keep it forever ???

loveassassin132629d ago

Yes, as long as OnLive doesn't go out of business that is, but they've been going strong for over a year now

Awesome-Xanto2629d ago

Actually it's as long as they keep it on there servers, which could be 3 years or longer if you buy a full pass, however after 3 years if people no longer really play it OnLive may remove it from there servers... that's stated when you buy the game.

Your renting it, not owning it...

loveassassin132629d ago

What Snake-Doctor says is also true.

bub162629d ago

so where can i buy online? i dont get it

loveassassin132629d ago

You have to go to OnLive's website (just google it) and then create an account and download their service.

rmedtx8882629d ago

Who cares about OnLive anyways?

Theswweet2629d ago

I do, actually. I think they are a fairly nice company with a good service, that could become something big.

They might not have the legions of fans Steam has, but that doesn't mean no one likes the service.