Europe's PS3 delay in quotes

Sure, it's easy for us here in the States to throw in our two cents on Sony's recently announced PS3 delay, but it's mainly an academic pursuit -- a quick chance to feign some empathy for our brethren across the ocean. For a more meaningful reaction to the delay, you have to go to the people that are directly affected -- the foreigners that will have to do without the system for an extra few months.

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kewlkat0075861d ago

"The previously announced PlayStation 3 shipment forecast of 6 million units globally within the fiscal year ending 2007 is not changed, suggesting that Sony wasn't expecting to sell any units in the PAL territories." -UK tech site Pocket Lint

don't worry Europe..You'll get your chance at "Real Time Weapon Change for Massive Damage!!"

Chronical5861d ago

It easy to say we are on track. but the reality, they're not. this 6 million was including Europe. Hell they even said there would be 2 million consoles at lauch when they only have 400k. i dont call that being on track. there missing 80%.

Marriot VP5861d ago

it's actually 500k, cause 100k is in japan. So it's 75% a lie from sony

Also I could definately see sony delaying the PS3 worldwide because 500K is a really small number to fall behind on. They STILL don't have a final product on year later.