New Releases for the Week of September 4th, 2011

With a wide selection of the undead, ranging from Dead Island and Rise of Nightmare‘s zombies to BloodRayne: Betrayal and Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten‘s vampires, it seems the doors to the netherworld have swung wide open- discharging a wide assortment of nefarious (and not so bad) characters. Xenophobes won’t be getting much rest this week, the release of Resistance 3 is bound to keep the muzzles of those Bullseye’s blazing hot.

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mediastudies2606d ago

Who here thinks Rise of Nightmares and Dead Island are going to get less that positive reviews?

deserteaglexix2606d ago

Just got in Rise of Nightmares today. I'll let you know.

VileAndVicious2606d ago

i think the first review for dead island is out. it got an 8.5?? but well see

mediastudies2606d ago

Do you have a link? Just so, you know, I can eat my words.

VileAndVicious2606d ago

here is the link. Im still waiting for more reviews to make up my mind about this one.

mediastudies2606d ago

"It seems that this game will be best zombie game of all time."

(rolls eyes)

sharpsword2606d ago

RoN maybe, but Dead Island is going to kick ass.

Rampaged Death2606d ago

Dead Island, BloodRayne and Warhammer for me. Resistance will have to wait.

TheDivine2606d ago

I think dead island will get great reviews and more importantly be an awesomely fun game. I love the idea its like a co-op rpg set in a zombie universe. R3 is mighty tempting too but i just bought socom 4, la noir, and black ops (finally caved once the zombie dlc was announced). Now were hitting the expensive months of gaming.

Angrymorgan2605d ago

Getting dead island, gonna hold off on resistance cuz I've only just got killzone 3

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