Counter Strike Global Offensive Cross Platform Speculation

An interesting Article that looks at questions that probably need to be answered in regards to Counter Strike Global Offensive PS3 vs PC gameplay. #counterstrike

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Solans Scott2628d ago

I've always heard about Counter Strike but never played it, however, when it launches I will pick it up for the PS3.

Kee2628d ago

If I came up against a PC player on the PS3 I have no doubt in my mind that I would get owned so badly.

caboose322628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Even with mouse and keyboard on pc, I get owned so bad in counter strike.

Its ridiculous.

THC CELL2628d ago

Elo was used on the old rainbow six

PickAShoe2628d ago

Zombie Escape Map. finger cross!

beastgamer2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

PS3 and PC

PS3 can use mouse and keyboard.
Keep them 360 and mac out of here.
Inferior shit!

What hardcore gamer plays on a MAC?

Ducky2628d ago

... but isn't it PS3/PC/Mac cross-platform?

Ravenor2628d ago

undoubtedly, the MAC version will be launched the same day and be part of the PS3/PC cross plat play.

Ravenor2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )


How many set ups allow for easy use of a M/KB on the PS3? 99% of the community will be on the move or DS3, and they will get rocked.

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