New Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Character Creation Video

Saiyan Island: "Just yesterday Namco Bandai revealed a very exciting video featuring Hero Mode, a function in the game that allows players create their own character. Well, Namco Bandai has a follow up video that shows a character being created!"

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parasit32601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

I'd like to see this as an MMO. I mean just gaming in an online community in this world of Dragon Ball would be awesome. You could fly, walk in this open world full of other gamers chat up, do Co Op quests that involve fighting Dragon Ball NPCs, or simply challenge their custom skill/stat leveled character in PvP. Heck, throw in a story mode in which you have the option to quest with other gamers. An MMO quest for this game could be finding the 7 Dragon Balls. I would love to explore different areas with friends or random online gamers on my server. The entire game concept would be RPG style, Open world, Vindictus-style fighting, and online community type gameplay. Now this is my pitch for a Dragon Ball game.

Shadonic2601d ago

they already have that but not with vindictus style fighting. i would like to see a more options for customization with the face.

Skate-AK2600d ago

They should make it to where you can upload your character and let people download it or download other peoples characters.