Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 Preview [Game Revolution]

Last year’s Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 demonstrated that a hunting game could have depth and variety befitting a full retail console release. It had an engaging story mode, intense shooting action, and a very arcade-style approach to the genre that cranked up the fun factor when playing with friends. It also helped that its gun peripheral, the Top Shot Elite, is probably the coolest of its kind since the Super Scope 6. ~Josh Laddin

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dbjj120882607d ago

What's defined as "Big Game"?

edureboucas2607d ago

Bunnies... and... erm... antilopes?

Xof2607d ago

Large animals. It traditionally refers to the "big 5" in Africa--lions, elephants, water buffalo, rhino and leapord, iirc.

The bigger question is this: which is the more shameful title for a gamer to own--a Cabela's hunting game, a (any) Madden game, or more than 2 or more Call of Duties?

LostTokens2607d ago

Does PETA condone this? I really hope they do.