Top 10 Games You Never Played

It's impossible to play every single game that comes out these days. All too often, incredible games get passed over in the wake of huge megahits. We take a look at ten games you probably never played but should have.

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caperjim2628d ago

Metro 2033 is the top game on that list. Especially the PC version.

TheDivine2628d ago

I even loved it on 360. I cant wait for 2034. Looks like it improved alot i just hope the story lives up to the first.

jony_dols2628d ago

Metro 2033 is a great game,

but Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy on the PS2 is a forgotten gem & a damn great game. One of my favourite games on the PS2.

BeOneWithTheGun2628d ago

Well, i tried to play it twice and each time got that stupid gas mask glitch. fricking pissed me off as i loved what i had seen up to that point.

jony_dols2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )


Just checked back up on Psi-Ops,
It came out on PC as well as the PS2, and now you can legally download it for free! Here is the link:

Downloading now! Hopefully that Gas Mask glitch was patched up!

Zeixama2628d ago

I have played SMT : Digital Devil Saga 1/2 , Berserk , ZOEI-II , God Hand , Killer 7 from your list , not to mention played Project Minerva Professionals , Extermination and Super World Police video games . Sometimes you should go out of range of "good games" to check your gaming habit :P

kramun2628d ago

Everyone needs to play Metro 2033, one of the most atmospheric games released in the last few years.

Alongside Stalker.

CrescentFang2628d ago

Going on a KMS run in God Hand, man what a game it is!
Pretty good list, I played the Berserk game on the DC a long time ago, but got stuck on a part and i was thinking of going back to playing it. Too bad we never got the PS2 game.

tiffac0082628d ago

I was able to play Resonance of Fate, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner and Psychic Force 2012.

I missed out on Shin Megami Tensai Digital Devil Saga for unexplained reasons ><

hazelamy2628d ago

i've been wanting to play resonance of fate for a while.

i bought a copy of god hand the other day, the trouble is i can't find my ps2 pad so i can't bloody play it.

i've got a copy of ZOE 2 somewhere as well.
i've played a bit of that though, it's a good game like the original was.