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The Official Dead Island Walkthrough Strategy eGuide has been made available online, and the guide for the latest entry from DeepSilver and Techland covers all areas, how to survive, where to find items for makeshift weapons, and includes all bonus areas extras and secrets you’ll wish you could find. The Dead Island walkthrough guide from GameGuideDog is compatable for the PC PS3 and Xbox 360 versions and includes direct access to support which gives you a connection to the games development team. Check it out!

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peteonline2603d ago

Really excited for this one, should be fun co-op.

Nitrowolf22603d ago

I am s excited for this game. Resistance 3 and This on the same day

JerryMatters2602d ago

I think Resistance 3 will be better.

gameguidedog2603d ago

The latest trailer reminds me of Gears for some reason. I hope it's like Gears of War meets Half Life 2, that'd be something i'd play for sure! Will have to see tho.

JerryMatters2602d ago

Yo yo, this game be the shiznit DOG! Any game where you can dismember a corpse is a good game.

SpaceSquirrel2602d ago

I can't wait to play this with my friends

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