Blue Dragon - Weekly Jump scans

Here comes new article on Mistwalkers first RPG; Blue Dragon from japanese comic magazine Jump. Hopefully there'll be better quality scans later on.

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sepiroth65011d ago

It looks awesome so much better than last years trailer

Sidherich5011d ago

Lets just hope that the game doesnt take years to be adapted to the international market.

Otherwise its a sure buy for me :D

Islandkiwi5011d ago

This game can't come soon enough. Talk about a game that will rock Japan's world.

Donkey Slayer5011d ago

This so called exclusive gets ported to the PS3 just like enchanted arm, lol

frostbite065011d ago

Not that i care or anything, but Enchanted arms is coming to the ps3? I heard it was decent

sepiroth65011d ago (Edited 5011d ago )

Spring 2007 is the release date in europe and us but for this game i might have to buy a japanese xbox360 and learn japanese because i cant wait and it cant get ported like enchanted arms because ms owns the rights to the game

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