Jaffe 2.0: David Jaffe on putting gameplay first

David Jaffe: I think what’s really cool about the game space is that there are so many opportunities – such a spectrum of ways to communicate and make games. I love games on my iPhone, and I love big-budget games. So it’s really about what makes the most sense for what we want to do and express. So I have ideas of big things and small things.

David Jaffe isn’t a typical “core” gamer, and he’d be the first to admit it.

If you’re into reading between the lines, you’re probably already scratching your head. After all, we’re talking about the man who pioneered PlayStation mainstays like Twisted Metal and God of War; today’s cinematic giant-boss-bashing epics owe him the kind of gratitude usually reserved for parents or whoever came up with the idea for Nutella. In other words, Jaffe’s been down this path before and then some.

The key thing that speaks to me is more about… I don’t want to be a movie-maker. I want to make play mechanics. I want to make gameplay. And so, I think there are games in my head that I can do at any of those levels that speak to that mechanics-driven mindset. But I think the bigger thing in my mind is less about scope. I want to walk away from trying to express things with anything other than mechanics. For a while, I really thought [big, cinematic games] were the way for me, but – for me, and I know for a lot of people it does – but for me, it doesn’t feel genuine. It doesn’t feel pure.

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