PSLS: Madden NFL 12 Review

It’s that time of year once again – the “Madden Holiday”. This is the time of year when everyone takes time off work for the release day of the newest entry into the Madden series. Are you ready for some Football!?! Many of the same modes that we have grown to love have made a return to Madden gridiron but, as always, there have been tweaks and additions made to them. Exhibition is the easiest way to begin playing; simply choose your team and get started. It’s pretty straightforward and not much to improve upon, but this is where most people put in the most yardage.

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doctorstrange2606d ago

They're keeping the franchise fresh

BigPete79782606d ago

Definitely, the franchise mode is fantastic. All the new additions have me enjoying Madden like I did so many years ago. Get this game if you are a football fan.

stormeagle62606d ago

Madden games are like new cars: there's a new one every year for full prices, with a couple "new" features thrown in to entice you into dropping your hard-earned money on it, only to have it be immediately worth 1/3 what you paid for it the moment you take it home.

BigPete79782606d ago

The same could be said for most sports games. There's only so much they can accomplish in a year's time.

stormeagle62606d ago

Yeah I know, it's not to single out Madden. But they really need to stop making these sports games yearly releases. People keep paying for it, though.

dbjj120882606d ago

They put a lot of work into Madden this year. I guess it's time to pick up the new model.

LostTokens2606d ago

I'm not much of a fan of Madden. That said... people should enjoy this. lol

knifefight2606d ago

How far into the future can you trade draft picks? I haven't played a Madden game in years but in these sports games I always wanted to swing trades involving picks from like, 2 and 3 years down the road and take a team through a real rebuilding process.

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