Battlefield 3 Community Day @ PAX Prime

Planet Battlefield writes: "Last month, EA contacted me about a Battlefield 3 community event being held at PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. I've been to a few other community days (usually at EA HQ in Redwood City, CA), but none held at a gaming convention. I had never been to a PAX event before, although how could I pass up a trip to talk with DICE devs and play Battlefield 3? I will say EA did pay for a majority of this trip, but saying that I hated the game before and now I magically love it because EA wined and dined us would be absurd. The group of thirty-two of us were there because we already are huge fans of the game and share a common interest in Battlefield."

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NewMonday2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

i just got cut down along with the rest of the defenders in BFBC2 by a single squad, it didn't feel right, so i messgd one of them i a friendly way asking if he was hacking, he said he was using soothing called "aimbot". isn't it PC only