There Should Be a Price Drop Coming For Microsoft Shortly

Jeff from Volatile Mode explains the urgency Microsoft should take in responding to the recent price cut by Sony. If not, Microsoft threatens the bleak lead they hold over their biggest competitor.

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gw4k2631d ago

A price cut would only help extend the lead that MS has now. Their sale figures have been impressive for a long time now.

If Sony wants to keep up, they should do another price cut. Hmmm, maybe even go the way of HP and do a fire sale just like the Touchapd.

Speaking of the HP TouchPad, if you missed out on the killer deal, just wait a few weeks. HP is producing another million of them right now. All will be sold for $99!

KingSlayer2631d ago

Sony's really sweatin' that 4 million console lead the 360 has WW. No really, they are.

Abash2631d ago

Would it be the worst thing in the world if the PS3 outsold the 360? I mean, it wouldn't change anything and both Sony and MS are doing great now. There really is no need for a 360 price drop

gw4k2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

The gains that MS is making month after month is enough to make Sony nervous. Think about it man. Stop begin a fan boy for just a moment. I'm not knocking the PS3.

By the way, MS really cares about it's gamers. Sure the bottom line is business but Sony is the same way. It only makes sense.

Also, if Sony out sold the 360 I would congratulate them. I love Sony and own many of their products including the PS3, PSP, TV, etc

darthv722631d ago

it will be on the stand alone kinect unit. I can see them selling for $99. If MS wants to sell kinects to the millions who have the older 360 then that is what needs to be done.

They wont cut the price on the retail 360 but instead add more freebie games to it. Or create various different game bundles.

DebateMaster2631d ago


Why should Sony care more about the profit MS make than their own?

DebateMaster2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

people have to understand that in business, profit is more important than sales.

I swear people on this site seam to think this is a war and not a business.

k-dillinger2631d ago Show
WrAiTh Sp3cTr32630d ago

It would be great to have a price cut, but I personally don't see the need. It's still less than the PS3...

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fluffydelusions2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Ms will price cut and advertise the hell out of it. Still not sure why Sony hasn't advertised anything about their price cut.

tiffac0082631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Sony actually did with the new KB "Long Live Play" commercial. Not exactly the focused commercial that one would expect like they did when the Slim came out.

Of course there is also the matter of the volume of ads Sony is putting out there because they've already said before they can't out-advertise MS and they probably can't do so either.

As for the 360 price cut. I still think its too early especially if the PS3 price cut doesn't affect the sales of the 360. I see no reason for MS to cut into their profit.

Drastic times calls for drastic measures but this ain't that time not for the 360 anyways.

dangert122631d ago

a £50 price cut off xbl live would see me purchase an xbox otherwise they can drop the console price all they want im not stupid enough to pay back what was knocked off through xbl over the years

darthv722631d ago

is it really such a big deal that it costs $5 a month for live. Break it down even further and it comes out to $.16438356164... per day over the course of a year.

That is cheaper than feeding those starving kids in other countries. Not to mention you get more satisfaction from live than you do wondering if they really are feeding those starving kids in other countries.

dangert122631d ago

im not paying for charities iver
yes the argument is tired but its still valid if you dm paying twice 2 use a p2p connection for gaming ok

kreate2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Since it isnt a big deal.
Can someone tell MS to just let me play online for free?

I accept ur arguement xboxlive is better than psn.
Just like how the ps3 is better than the xbox360.
Or the pc being better than the ps3.

But I simply cannot afford to pay for that 0.05618 or whatever cents per minute or 60 buck every year becuz I got other expenses I hav to add thats like 0.0049562 per min and it adds up.

I cant even pre-order any games cuz gaming is too expensive. There some games I simply cannot even get or ever play cuz I dont hav enough money to pay for all of them.

kaveti66162631d ago

"im not paying for charities iver"


lMHl2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I guess some can afford it and others cant.

I got a new hobby for ya....Crack

dangert122630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )


Last pre order game?
3rd strike
Am I a plus member?

so honestly what is your point also £>>>$ It cost more over here and you get less to the service. alot less then the ps3 offers for free,

@kaveti6616 I work for my money and spend It how I want to spend It If I don't feel to give what I worked for to charities I don't this does not make me good or bad positive or negative...

Never said I needed a new hobbie...crack? are you stupid I have no money problems In the end that can turn out way more exspensive the gaming plus I need not turn to drugs as I have no interest in them

wear does this talk about not having money come from? I said i'd buy an xbox if they got ride of xbl fee's correct me if im wrong but im sure the xbox cost more then 12mnths live

darthv722630d ago

what you are is a hypocrite. Do you even realize that by being a member of "plus" you can really no longer differentiate yourself from the free members?

You have to really think about that but I will save you the time. When you are a paid member of anything there is a different outlook you now hold on what that membership means. You are telling sony that you will pay to play their "free" games for as long as you keep your membership current.

You cant say you can play online for free anymore because you are paying for the service if you use it or not. I am not talking in the sense of required to play but in the simplest are paying for a service you may not take advantage of and sony still get the $$ if you do or dont.

At least with MS they were up front about it. Charging from the first day and ever increasing what you get from that membership. Sony and their free philosophy is going in the opposite direction. We are suddenly seeing a robbing from the poor to give to the rich. Meaning what once was available to the free members is now being restructured into the paid side of things.

Sony may keep online play free but there will be a restriction. Game size caps and player limits will be imposed to those who arent paid members. They know that to get people to sign up they have to slowly start taking things away from them to squeeze them into the corner of plus no longer being an option.

Like I said about live. It was paid from the beginning and has been getting better. So much that they never needed to create a free side but they did and with 90% of the same rights as the paid members. That last 10% is the online play aspect. There are lots of people who dont game online but they use live to chat and download movies and games and yes MS has free stuff too that is free for all with no strings attached.

Sony had to start off free because there wasnt anything their service was good for except the online play. So that is why we will see them setting limits to those free players. And yet they can still proclaim they offer free online play.

MS has made a killing off of live. You dont think sony wants to as well??? Every new feature for PSN will come to the Plus members I guaranty that.

I pay for live but I dont pay for psn. At least for now anyway.

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Clarence2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Your funny. The PS3 has been outselling the 360 for the last 3yrs, and at a higher price point. This year the PS3 has been outselling the 360, this was before the price drop. M$ has had a cheaper console on the market since then gen started. Yet it continues to get outsold.

The only way the 360 will outsell the PS3 is if they do the Fire sale.

Sony's not sweating that 4m lead from M$, because its not a 4m lead.

What momentum are you talking about? How can M$ have the momentum when they have been outsold for the past 3yrs? Sony is the one with the momentum. Every year the PS3 sells more.

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kingdoms2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

A price cut would make sure Sony couldn't gain any ground but MS has a business to run it doesn't matter what us 360 fanboys wan't. MS feels risking a slow down or possible loss in top sales is worth the maximum impact of a real cut later on due to the current momentum being so high now.(they're not only going to risk PS3 outselling the 360, they don't mind too much because they think an official cut later on will have a greater impact than the last one)

After Sony released their figures first for the first time in a long time earlier this year, MS released theirs 2nd showing with out a doubt the 360 was beating PS3 WW, Sony couldn't wait to adjust the real figures after seeing MS's this last time. Sony dropped the price and MS feels bundles will be good enough to combat Sony's cut forced by the 360's momentum.

Zir02631d ago

Pricecut would be overkill, MS likely are biding their time before the final blow.

DebateMaster2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

unlike morons like you, microsoft know profit is more important than sales.

Sometimes just because you sell more, doesnt mean you make more money. Why do yuo think sony doesnt have a 199 ps3 right now? Or why nintendo waited to cut the price of the 3DS?

lMHl2630d ago

hey dont forget what you were looking at when you wrote that comment MS is alot bigger then sony i doubt there going anywhere.

DA_SHREDDER2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I imagine COD sales are gonna break records again if this is true. Everyone and their mom is gonna have one. Especially if they cut it to $100 bucks, my God I would have one in every room in the house.

jacksonmichael2631d ago

There was a Simpsons 360? Damn... I want that now.

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