Rumour: Sony Has No More PS3 Test Kits?

After the news that the PS3 will be delayed for UK...Something else is wrong

The question being, what ?

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Lucidmantra5862d ago

more than likely old news. From the comments at the posting site.

clayton5862d ago

Sony is DOOMED! I am soooooo happy!

drewdrakes5862d ago

Is this real? Sony said they shipped 10,000 dev kits.

TheMART5862d ago

Well uhm... Let's say Sony said more that wasn't true

Lucidmantra5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

I agree with you all. SOny is in trouble no matter weather this is true or not, can they recover. Yes they have 80 million fans who seem to love them no matter how crappy the console they issue is, or how much SOny lies to them about stuff.

I think Microsoft is going to find their weak spot and hit for massive damage (to quote a certain real historic Japan battle simulation with 30 foot tall crabs and real time weapon switching)

shotty5862d ago

Dev kits are different than test kits. Test kits are the actual consumer game consoles. There is no use trying to test a game on a dev kit since the consumer will have a retail kit. So developers need the test kit to see if the game will run fine since dev kits and test kits have different specs.

kewlkat0075862d ago

This a time for MS to give sony some of it's own "Real Time Weapon Change for Massive Damage!!."

Till Nov..

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