Gotham City Impostors PAX 2011 Preview - GotGame

Over the past five years or so, there’s a pretty general rule of thumb in the world of entertainment that if Batman is involved, it’s going to be awesome. However when Monolith Productions announced that they were making a Batman game that had no Batman, just a bunch of people dressed up as him and the joker, there was a bit of animosity amongst fans of the franchise. Then we found out it was going to be a first person shooter, and it started to sound nothing like a Batman game at all. Well consider this your reassurance: Gotham City Impostors is awesome.

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DistrictMime2607d ago

At first I was like....meh...then I was like....oooooh snap. Plays like TF2? I'm in.

Rynx2606d ago

Yeah I'm keeping an open mind to this game, hopefully it doesn't turn out to be ass