Playback: Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway

Just because a genre or a format or a theme has been used multiple times before, it doesn't automatically mean that a title that resides within said confines is inherently uninteresting from the start. Peter Willington looks back at Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway to see why World War II is still a viable subject for shooters.

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ReservoirDog3162631d ago

This is the next game I'm getting from gamefly. Always looked good to me but just never got it.

(Have to mention it, 3 months of gamefly for only $17 if a friend recommends you. You don't even have to be recommended by me if you think it's spam. Just find a friend that has it and ask them to recommend you. It'll even give them $20. It's really an unbelievable deal that not enough people use.)