LayOffs at Mafia dev 2K Czech ?

Indipendent sources talk about lay-offs 45 employees at 2K Czech.

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bumnut2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Thats bad news, Mafia 2 was a great game. The prison section was cool and I liked the way the cars and music change over the years as the story progressed.

NuclearDuke2601d ago

Mafia 2 was great. Then they created Jimmy's Whatever, now that was terrible.

Skate-AK2601d ago

Played the Mafia 2 demo for PS3 and the screen tearing in it was unacceptable. Also the PS3 version missing a ton of foliage was just proof that they can't port games very well.

bumnut2601d ago

I played the PC version in 3D and really enjoyed it, never tried the console version.

Skate-AK2601d ago

Yeah the PC version was miles better than either consoles. Never seen it in 3D though.

JoeReno2601d ago

I was more mad at the lack of free roam at the end of the game. That was a huge heartbreaker for me.