SSX Hands-On: Funtastic features | GotGame

GotGame talks about various features and aspects of the new SSX, including gear, visuals, multiplayer and online, loading times and more... "Just trust me when I say you’ll love it and that gear itself plays an important role throughout the game. In some titles it’s implemented purely as a visual and entertaining factor you can goof around with to impress your friends. In SSX it’s pretty vital. Another thing that is vital, to most players now-a-days, are loading times. Nobody likes to wait. Everyone wants to play everything instantly, since that has become the new trend – to always be in a hurry, and therefore when a game takes more time than average to load we often become furious, confused or upset. Well, I can happily announce that SSX is one of those few games that load in an instant. Want a number? 10! It takes roughly under ten seconds for the game to load and considering how much data it consists of, that is pretty impressive!..."

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samurailincoln3102d ago

Woot! Totally Extreme to the max!

Bonobo123453101d ago

Something had been missing from my life, and it was this....

Dazel3101d ago

Lets hope it lives up to SSX3...

HaHa_Ostrich3101d ago

Im so hyped for this game, Im literally cheering after every positive thing mentioned. *_*