PC vs. Console: Bickering Boxes and Fan Boy Fury

Bright Hub "Closet-dramas unfold as covens of console consumers collide with the smug contrariety of PC cliquism, culminating in comical counterblows. Context capsizes as crews compete over the click-clack of keyboards, without contemperation."

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jacksonmichael3091d ago

Yeah, but being a PC gamer causes you to use the word jaggies. And how can you respect yourself after using such a word? It is much worse than epic, or even ginormous.

Motion3090d ago

Actually, the term is aliasing-- "jaggies" is used by people who don't know what they are talking about.

bozebo3090d ago

"Actually, the term is aliasing-- "jaggies" is used by people who don't know what they are talking about."

this ^

buddymagoo3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

PC misses a lot of big games though. I love steam but I wish games would release for the PC at the same time. Red Dead Redemption (my favourite game) doesn't exist on the PC. Fifa 11 is actually Fifa 10 in the PC version (joke!) LA Noire I'll have to wait like I had to with Assassins Creed. Then there is all the PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusives that are rated very highly.

Don't get me wrong PC gaming is great! But not all that glitters is gold.

dark-hollow3090d ago

I don't understande why it's OK for xbox 360 and ps3 talks crap to each other and which system and graphics are " superior".

If you said uncharted 3/gears 3 is best looking game you will get praised and a lot of agrees, but if you say that pc games has a LOT more power and better graphics you get disagrees and the old, tired "ugh its because on pc!" or "pc doesn't count"

So? Does that somehow nullify the fact that it got better graphics???
How it doesn't count? Or graphics doesn't count unless we are talking about uncharted 3 or gears?

raWfodog3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Not speaking on your specific incident but I have seen 'disagrees' in such situations because the PC wasn't part of the debate. I believe most intelligent, objective people would realize that PCs potentially have better graphics than consoles. I say 'potentially' because it all comes down to the developer and the programming.

Lazy_Sunday3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

PC gaming can be much more rewarding than console gaming if you have a good enough rig--not just visually, but if the game runs better, logically, it will play better too. Though, it does require a lot more patience than console gaming.

PC gaming does have a dark side though--tinkering with graphic settings til' no end has driven me crazy. Downloading tools to improve gaming performance just to see GTAIV with ICEnhancer running at a solid 40-50 FPS. Some games I've spent more time modding then actually playing--name any game made this gen by Bethseda, and I'll have spent more than 300 hours on it collectively. Not to mention gaming requires a lot of self control, since most games will allow you to easily press tilde* to open up the console and cheat your ass off. And in really challenging or tedious tasks, it can become a difficulty to keep yourself off the tilde without ruining your gaming experience.

And this is where I enjoy consoles. The lack of modifications, the lack of easy cheats--the balanced nature of them--this is what they grant. Everything is as the dev intended it to be. And for games I want to mod, or games that allow the tilde, I always make sure to play the console version first, so I don't get too far ahead of myself.

*I apologize for the incorrect use of the tilde key, I didn't want to confuse people with command consoles and gaming consoles.

EDIT: @dark-hollow: Buddy, chill. PS3 and 360 fans bicker because the console experience is much more versatile. Plug in and play. But it has changed, and nobody cares about comparisons anymore since most games look pretty much the same--the only difference being the Xbox 360's extended black, which can easily be emulated on the PS3 by turning up the contrast on your TV. I remember how overwhelming it was installing my first GPU, and most people aren't flexible enough to take the steps and build their own PCs, especially due to expense. They just want to play, and bicker amongst themselves. We have to respect that.

raWfodog3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

It all comes down to what you are trying to get out of the game. In the end, the destination is the same. It's just depends on how you want to get there.

The whole PC vs. consoles debate is similar to an expensive high-performance car vs. modestly priced average car. Both vehicles can get you to the same places but, of course, the expensive high-performance car can get you there faster and flashier. The modest vehicle will also get you there just not as fast. You may save a lot of money but you won't be getting any envious stares.

Everyone can acknowledge that PC's are more powerful regarding performance and graphics. For the people that are all about PC, that's cool. Do you. For the console crowd, they are happy with playing on the consoles and it is enough for them. Let's face it, it's not like we're talking Atari 2600 graphics here (believe me, I know).

We're all playing the same games (except for exclusives) and we're all having fun, right? Me, personally, I love playing on my 360 and PS3 but I am also looking into building a mid-range gaming PC to play some of the PC exclusives I see on the horizon. Just do your own thing and Game on!

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whydoyouask3090d ago

The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race vs. the Dirty Console Gaming Peasants

thebudgetgamer3090d ago

i'd rather be one of the "Dirty Console Gaming Peasants" than a jerk.

Pandamobile3090d ago

Someone can't take a joke.

MasterCornholio3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

gentlemen i cant stand your face. So if you dont knock off your idiotic comments i shall kill your family and devour your dog alive.

LOL kidding Yeah some people just cant take a joke in N4G

dark-hollow3090d ago

How DARE he jokes in n4g???
Gaming is SERIOUS business here!!

whydoyouask3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

How about you watch Zero Punctuation: The Witcher. You'll see were i got it from.

Learn to take a joke better.


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HeavenlySnipes3090d ago

that I come on this site to read comments like this for laughs?

thebudgetgamer3090d ago

i don't think you're a jerk, it was about that meantality not any specific person.

i'm really a nice guy.

Series_IIa3090d ago

Games > Box that makes it work

pennywhyz3090d ago

this is stupid article looking for trolls. every1 knows consoles can never live up to a pc. if ya have doubts google it. end of topic

maniacmayhem3090d ago

PC's don't count when it comes to grafix. It only counts when you compare ps3 to 360.

dark-hollow3090d ago

They fight over "loading screens" and which version is brighter/darker, has 5% more pixels,
BUT if you are a pc gamers then god forbid you if you talk about the OBVIOUS differences between pc vs consoles.

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