Limbo Developer Playdead Buys Itself Back From Investors

Gamasutra: "Thanks to the financial success of its first game, Limbo, developer Playdead Studios has bought itself back from its investors -- a move that grants the studio greater financial and creative independence."

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Very nice.

I think all developers should have the freedom to do what they want to do with out haven togo through someone for permission.

Here is hoping that Rare and Media Molecules buys them self back.

electricshadow3095d ago

Good for them! LIMBO was a great game. Short and not much replay value, but it definitely stood out to me.

nickjkl3095d ago

isn't that a bit risky

The_Firestarter3095d ago

Yeah, it could be a risky move. Worst case scenario (hypothetically, of course) would be if their next game bombs on the market, thus having their studio fold if the initial investment was too high. I don't wish this for any independent developer, but it IS possible. Regardless, I tip my hat to Playdead studios for seeking both creative and financial freedom.

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