Guild Wars 2: Social side of console MMOs a 'problem'

Cultivating a fully social MMO will be the biggest problem facing MMOs on console, according to Guild Wars 2's global brand manager Chris Lye.

Speaking to, Lye explained the ArenaNet team have tested the waters of a Guild Wars 2 console port.

"We've dabbled with console. It isn't an active priority right now because we're making so much progress with Guild Wars 2 on the PC that we want to push all the resources specifically onto PC at this point."

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Godchild10203100d ago

I would but Guild Wars 2 for the PS3. After seeing some previews for the PC, I would definitely get this game. But for now I will stick to the PC version.

Spinal3100d ago

They hit the nail on the head as mmos for the consoles suffer cause tryin to type a quick message in social aspects of the game is nearly impossible to do right with a control pad. You can talk about keyboard attachment but many
wont buy one so they wud have to build the game with the gamepad in mind. I played dc uo on my ps3 an never played it again after 2 weeks. It just doesnt work well for consoles unless built from the ground up with console in mind.

Persistantthug3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Just sayin.

But yeah....I believe they're hard at work with Guild Wars 2 for consoles....specifically the PS3.

This is one of the few MMO's that would work AND definitely do well for consoles....mostly because it's free per month.

BioDemon-3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Not people who just own laptops, and the average consumer is too stupid to realize that they could plug their desktop keyboard into their Ps3.

Spinal3099d ago

Guild Wars 2 won't work on consoles doesnt matter if it's free to play. It's far too indepth for the console which needs a Mouse to navigate menu's, pvp server browser and the likes of picking spells out of your spellbook and switching stuff.

All this does not work well on a console using just a pad. It seems pretty dumb trying to use a mouse/keyboard on your console at the same time using your control pad lol. People with Consoles certainly tend not to use a PC desk with their console so you gonna use the keyboard and mouse on your lap?? lool

Get real man. The MMO would have to be severly dumbed down. Can't you see how DCUO is not talked about? DCUO is practically a failed MMO servers just not switched off yet lol. Do you view DCUO on PS3 as a successful and Great Console MMO? -_-

Persistantthug3099d ago

Valve has no problem adding a keyboard & Mouse for COUNTER STRIKE: GO....Neither did Epic Games for UnReal Tournament 3.

Furthermore, you CLAIM DCU is unsuccessful, but you bring no proof. If the game was as unsuccessful as you, again, CLAIM, then they wouldn't be in the middle of launching their Green Lantern add on/story line.

"Most recently, Shaun was at MMO developer ArenaNet heading up the Guild Wars 2 console development team."
( )

"It was announced at E3 2007 that NCsoft had become an exclusive third party Sony developer, and will be developing exclusive games for the PlayStation Network"
( )

Those are the reasons that this game has a great chance of making it to the PS3.

TitanUp3100d ago

ps3 has keyboard and mouse support so it shouldn't be too bad and mmo are not usually graphically intense

Letros3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Used to be excited for this game, now I don't care anymore as its taking way to long to come out. I think the next MMOs I get into will be Planetside 2 and 40K: Dark Millenium, as they are both different models from the rest.

thats_just_prime3100d ago

A mmo could easily work on the xbox. XBL has great voice chat optons plus the chat pad works really nice and have it linked to msn messenger would work well wiht a mmo. All you have to do is tap the msnm button to chat and then tap in a again to close it out when your not talkin to anyone