GoldenEye 007: Reloaded More Than Just A Wii Remake Or COD Rip-Off

360 Magazine: Can GoldenEye 007: Reloaded really compete with the likes of Call Of Duty and Battlefield? Eurocom’s producer, James Steer, seems to think it can.

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DaveX3603100d ago

Pierce Brosnan or GTFO.

jimmins3100d ago

Shawn Cannery is by far the superiors 700.

Solid_Snake-3100d ago

got to agree on brosnan. hes not my fave bond but he was a good one. craig is the worst IMO.

LOGICWINS3100d ago

It's between Brosnan and Craig for me...but I think Craig is the best simply for the fact that hes the most realistic of the bunch. When he gets into a fight, he ACTUALLY gets messed up(blood, torn clothes etc.). Pierce Brosnan just adjusts his clothing a little and doesn't have a scratch on his face.

Also Craig's version of 007 has this cockyness to him that leads him to make mistakes(drinks poison in Casino Royale). Yet another factor that adds to his realism.

Droid Control3100d ago

Game looks bad.

Those graphics do not belong on 360 or PS3.
Well, maybe back in 2005 0r 6, but not now.

If only Activision would put as much polish and effort into Bond as they do their beloved COD franchise...

LOGICWINS3100d ago

I understand that gameplay is more important than graphics(Yakuza 4 is my GOTY so far), but if you say your remaking a game from the ground up on next-gen should look MUCH better than what we are seeing here.

Rampaged Death3100d ago

All those that are speaking before playing please don't. Play it then you will realise it is actually very good then take your comments back !

Titanz3100d ago

I'm glad HD gamers will be able to experience this awesome game.

Also... will Wii gamers get a Blood Stone port?(lol).