Ken Rolston on Where Modern RPGs Fail - AusGamers

In an interview with AusGamers, eccentric and passionately charged designer, Ken Rolston, laments on where he thinks modern RPGs failed.

"Let’s talk in the abstract about the worst thing that ever happened to role-playing games: recorded audio for dialogue," he told AusGamers. "I happen to believe that was the death of my joy. Because that limits... that causes production things... the content has to be nailed down at a certain point..."

The rest of the lengthy interview also goes into detail about his stance on RPGs, their limitations and more.

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NuclearDuke3101d ago

"Ken: Reckoning has got the best combat in an RPG and it’s the best pacing of any combat in an RPG -- the best theatre. And what I hope to do is... I always felt that RPGs are kind of slow paced and it’s kind of an artifact of the table-top, to the turn-based level, to the pretty good movement, but not very good combat of modern third-person games.

So what I’m hoping is, that by having good combat -- which is exciting and satisfying -- we will increase the pace of gameplay in some way, and the mean-spirited expectations of the users so that they will start insisting that we have faster-paced games -- which, personally, I just want to play faster-paced role-playing games. "

I really hope this is truth. I feel so many RPGs have terrible movement and terrible combat. Even The Witcher 2 tired me after two hours because the movement & combat system was really, really bad.

Arkose3101d ago

So far the videos of this game make it look like Fable. Sure, the combat is flashy, but flashy doesn't equal deep. They've also very awkwardly dodged questions about whether the world is on rails like Fable.

billythepunk3101d ago

It's not on-rails at all, and is very open-world. It also has a very deep character creation, abilities and skills system.

It's also actually nothing like Fable