No criminal charges to be filed in 38 Studios investigation

The Rhode Island Attorney General announced today that it would not be filing charges against individuals involved in the failed 38 Studios loan in Rhode Island.

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NukaCola1876d ago

Kingdom of Amular was a gem. Sad there isnt a sequel or remastering.

indyano1876d ago

One of the best flexible RPGs on last gen

rezzah1876d ago

Great game, but I stopped playing due to a major glitch before a boss fight.

It was a fight inside a cave and I placed all my saves inside the cave...approaching the boss would start a cut scene but my game glitched and the scene never starter. I could not exit the cave too... :(

Was probably 3/4 done the game too.

ApolloTheBoss1876d ago

Good game. Awesome ending. Damn shame it won't get a sequel.