F.E.A.R. Files: CVG Review

CVG Complains:

"One of the commonest questions we get asked is: "What makes Halo 3 so much better than all those other FPS', anyway?" It's a question that we'd struggle to answer if you accosted us in the chocolate éclair aisle of Morrisons. But if you caught us while we were struggling through an inferior FPS that doesn't do the basic fundamentals that Halo nails so well, we could rattle off reasons all day long. Let's look at exhibit A: F.E.A.R. Files."

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Crazyglues4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

The game is complete trash and finally a review points that out. I knew that ever since I played the game on xbox 360 when if first came to the console.

The PC version on a High-end PC was amazing and on 360 and PS3 the game was complete trash so this review does not surprise me as I expected whatever they did with the game to suck.

If you can mess up a Port of the game from PC to the console that bad, then of course you would mess up whatever you did with the franchise.

As far as I'm concerned F.E.A.R is dead to me, and good rid-dins. I guess when the little girl gets on the copper in the end of the PC version is where the story ended for me. So thanks Monolith (or who ever is making these stupid expansions) for nothing!

TOM4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

first off ,it's not full price like the writer states,so his " no value" argument doesn't fly.
I admit the graphics are sub par but the rest of the game is very enjoyable.There are far more scares than the first one and the game play is carried over .So if you like the first one as much as i did,then this is a worth while buy.Not to be bought before halo,orange box,simpsons or any other AAA title if you're poor,but if you are out of games to buy this one will grace you with a fair amount of enjoyment.
And to No.1 While I understand that this is a very old game and most people who want to play it already have, giving away a ending to any game in forums is a low thing to do, IMO.