What went wrong with the Tekken movie?

The Spoony One and Film Brain take a look at the Tekken movie...and how it is absolutely nothing like the game series it is based on.

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darkeva933098d ago

Easy. They made it a movie...

zerocrossing3097d ago

Damn! I was gonna say that, lol

Bubble 4 U

Honestly though... What where they thinking? Just how can you ruin Tekken? Its like the director took one look at the the source material and said "pft, I can do better than that" Fail!

qwertyz3097d ago

that was the same problem with the mortal kombat movie

Pozzle3097d ago

Blashphemy! The Mortal Kombat movie was awesome! (in a cheesy 90s kind of way)

Quagmire3097d ago

The film had absolutely ZERO input from Harada-san and his team. Namco basically sold the rights to the studio, and let them do whatever the hell they wanted to the film.

Why dont people understand that there's no such thing as a bad film, only bad directors. GIVE THE LICENSE TO SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY GIVES A DAMN ABOUT THE GAME.

Godmars2903097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

No, a good director and script writer who've played the game for 10 minutes, read the wiki entry have a better chance of making a decent movie. Thing is few good writers/directors look for jobs like this.

And if you guys think this one was bad you should see the latest one: King of Fighters.

Quagmire3097d ago

My perfect match up would be Christopher Nolan to do an Assassin's Creed film, Quite similar to Inception when you think about it, and also anything Nolan touches turns to gold.

I can dream, right?

hazelamy3097d ago

but keeping the games creators involved doesn't mean it'll be a good movie.
capcom produced the chun li movie remember.

mind you i think with this new movie studio ubisoft are setting up they could produce the first truly successful video game movie.
especially if that assassin's creed lineage short movie they made is any indication.

majiebeast3097d ago

So just asking is it worse then DOA movie,dragonball movie or streetfighter?

floetry1013097d ago

They're all virtually on the same plain of craptitude.

Another reason why video-games and films should remain separated. They are different forms of visual expression, which is why it's difficult for games to be translated in to film and vice versa.

Army_of_Darkness3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Tekken was bad, but it was'nt horrible like the above I mentioned. besides, the chicks in that flick were smokin man!

NewZealander3097d ago

damn that pommy guy sounds annoying, in comparison the tekken movie don't look too bad.

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