Steal This Idea: Space Combat Simulators

Sestren writes: "In this installment of Steal This Idea, we look at a specific sub-genre that has fallen by the wayside in the last decade, the Space Combat Simulator."

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Saryk3100d ago

Xwing vs Tie Fighter, please!

Triggs3100d ago

We haven't seen much space combat sims for years (or popular ones for the matter). In my personal experience the last one I took attention to playing was Freelancer (PC) and after that I could not think of any other that followed. Before that Wing Commander was THE space combat game, and Independence War.

Would it be great if Console gamers would finally get to play space sim games like Wing Commander and X-Wing? Or are there any space sims for consoles that I don't know of? The hand held controller is a very good medium for space sims because it has a joystick in itself.

Battlezone (1998, Activision) for 360 and PS3 will be real interesting indeed. That was a great game - a mix of FPS and RTS. I wish Activision revives the franchise again for all platforms.

Dfooster3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

These games need a full cockpit view where you can look round see your co-pilot etc. The reticule only makes the game seem limited in what you can do as it just becomes lining up the reticles and hitting fire, you then forget you are flying a ship. The game must have proper ship flying physics, they should take a leaf out of the battlestar galactica series, and it would be cool if you can control your character. Think mass effect on huge city size ships walking around interacting then taking control of your raptor style ship or as the article says take control of a colonial ship and issue orders to your staff.

The options are endless and this is a huuuuuge untapped market