10 Ways To Save Duke Nukem

Velocity Gamer writes: "It's time to stop pissin' around and get this big guy back into action," says Duke at the beginning of the epic flop that was Duke Nukem Forever. I couldn't agree more. I managed to have some good fun with DNF, and it really wasn't all that bad but it wasn't at all what was expected or wanted from the return of this series either. Now Gearbox is talking more Duke, and I've got some input.

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Garethvk3099d ago

It was not really a flop as the developers made money on it. Yes it did not meet many peoples hopes, but I thought it was a fun retro shooter. They have DLC coming and have a new game in the works which is said to be a prequel.

josephps33099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Man if I was part of the team that worked on this crap, I'd actually leave it out of my resume and lie if I was asked. Its embarrassingly bad.

They can hope and try to sell a bad game at $60 but the market sets the real value. Already I'm seeing $40 new and $35 used. This game just came out.

If this game makes it on any list, it'll be on "Top Worst Games of 2011" or "Top Disappointments of All Time Ever in the History of Video Games, Like Ever Ever"

kma2k3099d ago

The underwear knomes southpark refernce in the beggining had me cracking up but after that i forced myself through the game. I have to admit i was happy when the game was over

WorldEndsWithMe3099d ago

If it wasn't clear I'm sorry, I meant that it was a flop with fans and critics.

Xof3099d ago

Why would anyone want to save Duke Nukem? The franchise was never anything more than shallow garbage built to appeal solely to 12 year old boys (with crap for taste).

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