Borderlands 4 And Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2 Leaked

Multiple future Gearbox Software projects, including Borderlands 4 and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2 have been spotted.

Kaii212d ago

Hopefully, they fired the entire writing team after B3 cause that dialogue was truly atrocious.

jeromeface211d ago

doubtful... this is gearbox we're talking about.. Randy thinks everything the studio does is gold because he has a bad concept of reality

DrDoomer211d ago

FFS make something else. If you can't make anything new, at least bring back Brothers In Arms or something.

-Foxtrot211d ago

I know it will never happen (for obvious story reasons that's happened) but I wish we could play the original Vault hunters again with new abilities you could choose to develop in a skill branch. Never really felt I could get behind most of them after the first game, especially move wise. Lilith's phase walk will always be the best to me.

Speaking of Lilith, I'm kind of wondering how they'll get around the whole Siren thing since they wrote themselves into a corner saying there's "only 6 Sirens in the entire universe" and now thanks to Borderlines 3 they apparently pass on their abilities meaning once we see each of 6 powers available that's it, no new brand new ones. I don't know why they don't just say there's more than 6 since all of them in the ENTIRE Universe just conveniently coming to Pandora is a bit strange.

BrainSyphoned211d ago

That's super easy to get around. Each person that has the skill could have their own personal spin on it. There could be a new power that morphs them into something else. One of the weapon manufacturers could experiment on 5 of the Sirens and the 6th would have to fight a horde of siren powered bad guys to rescue the others. Fiction has been there and done that with power more complex or simple thousands of times before.

As for revisting the first game? That would be totally unlike the gaming industry to reboot a series...

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Spectrum Studio Boss in Hot Water as "Naked Sauna" as Part of Employees' Requirements Surface

Spectrum Studios is in hot water, as part of their job requirements involve "attending sauna sessions" that are "non-negotiable."

rippermcrip8h ago

Hopefully their next game isn't about a murderer and they require employees to kill to someone to have a real understanding.

excaliburps6h ago


But you can't develop a game with sauna elements UNLESS you've been in a sauna with a game dev...preferably naked.

H97h ago

He is right you need to experience something to be able to write about it just like Tolkien threw himself in mount doom to understand Sauron and like Agatha Christie organized a death game on a remote island

Inverno6h ago

Ah yes I read that news outlets were picking up on this string of facebook posts. Easy to write about some random conversation on FB without much context. Let's see how long it takes for them to talk to the devs directly for clarification. I'm sure these sites will drag this out as long as they can painting this guy as a creep. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.

excaliburps6h ago

Have you read his replies?? He is even explaining how his rationale is correct...

Inverno6h ago

Yes I've read the replies. But if sites are gonna write about this they should do their jobs as journalist and get in contact with one of the woman who works in the studio.

swedishMeatwad3h ago

Why would it only be a big deal for women? I wouldn't want to be required to sauna naked, wouldn't work at a place like that. Really strange that owner is defending this. Since the owner is involved in those communications, that's enough to write an article about. That's not to say they shouldn't reach out to them and any employees willing to talk but this is freakin' weird.


Lords of the Fallen 2 PC release will be handled by Epic Games, which is bad news for Steam gamers

A sequel to the excellent action RPG Lords of the Fallen is coming in 2026 to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game will be published by Epic Games on PC, which means it probably won't be coming to Steam.


Evercade Piko Interactive Collection 4 review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "As Forest Gump once mumbled, “Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” The same is also true for Piko Interactive collections, with Piko merely being a license holder – whenever they’re involved, you never know which games are going to appear. It’s a very different case from something like Worms Collection, or the Bitmap Brothers Collection – a five game cart with three of those being iterations of Speedball. Yeah, we’re still bitter."

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darthv721d 6h ago

I really like what evercade is doing with these compilation carts. I cant quite get behind their new alpha tabletop units though... maybe they will grow on me.