Witcher 2 Version 2.0 and Xbox 360 Preview - The Making of The King of RPGs? | RandomProdInc

Witcher 2 is getting a huge update and a release on the Xbox 360, so how does the game look and what’s changed?

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Neoninja3097d ago

I just hear so many positive things about this game! I really can't wait to get my hands on it. The wait sucks, but its not like its gonna be the end of the world..........oh wait!

ATi_Elite3097d ago

I played it on the PC and it's a very great game. So far my GOTY!

ilikegam3s3096d ago

:/ damn, I should really start it ay... >< DAMN YOU EXAMS AND ASSIGNMENTS!!!

Im only at the beginning...

Theo11303096d ago

I kind of hate that they're making this game more easier, There's something cool about games that don't explain anything, you learn as you go on, like stalker

ATi_Elite3096d ago

STALKER is great....i really like how they just drop you off in the middle of no where and make you explore to figure out what to do.

Your right that's really a cool concept!

Stealth2k3096d ago

king of rpgs? Hardly.

A fantastic one? Yes