RAGE Hands-on [PAX Prime 2011] |

Casey White wrote: "RAGE is a game that originally piqued my interested because of how much it looks like an upgraded Borderlands 2. With the recent announcement of the actual Borderlands 2 though, it was starting to seem a little like maybe RAGE wasn’t as exciting as I was originally thinking. The benefit though, being that its id’s newest, is that things are getting interesting for it as a unique First-Person-Shooter."

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kramun3096d ago

People who talk about Borderlands or Fallout when talking about Rage have little clue what they are talking about. Which is obviously how this guy was until he started actually playing it.

Being in an apocalyptic wasteland is the only simularity to those games, something those who have actually followed it throughout its development know.

This game will be one of the best games this year.

In id we trust.

Well, I do.

AKS3096d ago

I said something similar in another thread and got disagrees. Seemed obvious enough to me. Anyway, I have little doubt that RAGE will be awesome. I can't wait.

MasterCornholio3096d ago

I still wish to see footage of the PS3 version. Because carmack is pro 360 and i dont trust him in doing a good job with the PS3 version. At least the game will be out soon and we shall see plenty of comparisons. I just hope he doesnt wreck the PS3 version because he promised parity on both consoles.

AKS3096d ago

Preference for the 360 doesn't automatically mean hatred towards the PS3. That's how it is for many on N4G but not for John Carmack. He said that the PS3 is the second best console ever made after the 360, which he prefers for the development tools.