Cross Game Chat #52 - Cardboard Boxes Kill

PSLS: This week, Cameron is wearing his thumbs down to the bone playing games at PAX, so Josh, PMC, and Eric sit down to talk about this week’s news. Our feature is dedicated to what games we would like to see from third party developers on the PS3. Josh thinks Ubisoft should develop a new stealth game, Eric would like to see 2K take over the Resistance series, and PMC wants a new open world game from Rockstar. Also, Josh would love a game where you can kill people with cardboard boxes and hide in the ladies room.

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BigWoopMagazine3093d ago

damn sloppy seconds. I guess it's okay, cause I probably won't buy skyrim DLC until it's all out, since I expect a value pack at the end. or a sale, perhaps.

T3mpr1x3093d ago

Well, Skyrim is big enough on its own that I probably won't be done with the main campaign by the time the DLC hits the PS3 anyway.