PAX 2011: Rage Preview (GameHounds)

Chris Salazar of GameHounds writes:

Rage is a title that makes me think of Bulletstorm; which I will state openly I didn’t care for at all. To my surprise, I find myself wanting to play this game just as much as Battlefield 3 after demoing the game at PAX.

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Huffman3103d ago

The more I read, the more excited I get. Rage is really going to be my kind of game.

phantomexe3103d ago

I've got this preordered but i'm still not sure on it. I wasn't a fan of bouderlands and i'm thinking this is a souped up version of that with a fallout twist. I'm sure some of ya disagree but i just don't know.

GamerEdie3101d ago

Didn't like Borderlands? What didn't you like about it? Sure, it was a slow game to build into, but once you got to a certain point it was pretty awesome IMHO. Just curious where it didn't hit you right.

MasterD9193097d ago

I just pre-ordered this off NewEgg for 42 bux with free shipping so on the fence or not, I feel its worth a buy.